June 2019 Printable Calendars

June is the sixth month of Gregorian Calendar and the month has a length of 30 days. In Syriac the word of hot comes from June. The word June comes from the Roman Goddess Juno which is the wife of Jupiter. Moreover, 21st day of June is summer solstice in Northern Hemisphere and winter solstice in Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, in 21st of June in Northern Hemisphere people live the longest day and shortest night and vice versa in Southern Hemisphere. If people go norther in Northern Hemisphere the length of day increases and the length of night decreases. The opposite situation is valid in Southern Hemisphere too.


Furthermore, June has important days and is an important month for Catholic Tradition because it is the month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. In addition, 5th of June is World Environment Day, 17th of June is Struggle with Desertification and Drought Day, 20th of June is World Refugees Day and 21st of June is World Music Day. June contains the horoscopes of Gemini and Cancer. Also, the birthstones of June are Alexandrite and pearl. These gemstones are very rare and desirable by women. They change color with the amount of light.

Next month is July.