Luxury Travel

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New Needs and Destinations of Luxury Travelers

Despite the economic crisis that is gripping the whole world, the luxury target does not seem to suffer declines especially in the travel sector, on the contrary it seems to be growing strongly; up-level travelers continue to show interest in the most exclusive destinations but with a slightly more careful eye on the wallet and above all with a greater propensity towards experiential tourism of substance and authenticity, with 4 very specific connotations: privacy, quality, nature and privatization.

This type of traveler is looking for accommodations in contact with nature, immersed in relaxing landscapes and far from the masses, from everything and everyone, in high quality accommodations and above all with privatized services; large space therefore for 5 * Hotels and Resorts, with minimum occupancy in order to guarantee maximum comfort, private transfers with driver, individual excursions with dedicated guide (there are even those who have rented the keys of the Sistine Chapel to enjoy in exclusive works of art by Michelangelo for the modest sum of 75,000 euros), to reserved restaurants with table service and high quality food by starred chefs, with costs in some cases up to 300,000 euros! Space also for reserved lounges at the airport, at the late checkout at the hotel to enjoy your stay until the end.

Experiential Tourism

As for travel, a great increase can also be seen in the exclusive rental of boats, yachts and means of transport in general, including airplanes. In fact, in this period, travel by helicopter or private jet is very popular due to the fear of flying with scheduled aircraft, both for the lack of health safety on board but also and above all for the high probability of flight cancellation or incurring sudden changes in the security protocols of the states where one has to go which would risk shattering the holiday.

But this is the target of unbridled and capricious luxury to which, however, a target of slow luxury is increasingly overwhelmingly joining, in search of intimate and touching experiences that make the soul travel more than the body, that give emotions that are not frivolous but lasting..

The Top Destinations for Luxury Travel

But which are the most requested destinations by uplevel travelers?

Today the luxury traveler is no longer satisfied with the simple 5 * hotel and the Spa with infinity pool, the choice falls on an experiential tourism, in close contact with nature and in deep connection with the country you visit and with the people that he inhabits it, that leaves an indelible mark in his memory, giving him unique emotions and allowing him to re-elaborate himself in comparison with what he has always defined as “different”; a unique stimulus to return home enriched and certainly changed.


The chosen destinations must allow the traveler to experience different types of experiences, social, cultural, environmental, religious, humanitarian and fair and supportive, for this reason the destinations of great emotional and introspective impact such as India, Burma, the Malaysia, Sri Lanka, where it is possible to opt for unique excursions such as dining at the home of the locals, meeting spiritual masters, participating in Yoga sessions, serving for a few days in an NGO, with the further aim of offering economic and human benefit to disadvantaged communities that you visit.

As for seaside and naturalistic destinations, Zanzibar, Kenya and Madagascar certainly occupy a prominent place where explosive nature reigns supreme, the crystalline sea borders the white beaches with palm groves, the exclusive resorts occupy large spaces but at the same time are surrounded by the shacks of local inhabitants, always smiling but also eager for attention, help and support and who hide suffering and pain behind a smile that a small gesture of solidarity can alleviate, albeit temporarily.

The evergreen Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius are still successful among uplevel travelers, especially interested in staying in eco-sustainable lodges, overwater bungalows immersed in the sea from which to admire the fish and the seabed and to make excursions aboard local boats to reach the inhabited atolls only from giant tortoises or flamingos.

It should not be forgotten that many luxury travelers seek exclusively cultural holidays, disinterested in the seaside aspect but concentrating on discovering the most hidden sites of the countries they visit; this explains the great demand for niche tours for example for Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, Myanmar but also South Africa, Namibia, Vietnam and Cambodia, all places of ancient culture and tradition, with an intense spirituality and mysterious that will be shown to the traveler with a very high level of services and assistance without violating their most intimate and true nature.

Finally, there is the top of luxury travel that really combines all the best of culture, sea, emotions and nature: the World Tour.

The World Tour is the most coveted journey by the expert traveler, it is the experience that everyone dreams of, touching the four corners of the planet in one great itinerary among breathtaking landscapes, millenary cultures, dream beaches, technological metropolises and ancient civilizations…

A unique and exclusive journey that touches completely different destinations, but with the only common thread of making the visitor live an unforgettable experience who will find himself catapulted into a myriad of sensations.


The classic World Tour made famous by literature lasts 80 days and touches South Africa, China, the United States, Australia, Indonesia and Fiji, partly guided and partly free to live at best all aspects of a unique trip; but the itinerary can be shaped according to the wishes of the traveler both as regards the duration and as regards the Continents to be touched, but also for the means to be used, private or scheduled planes, cruise ships, sailing ships or even where possible, the train or the car.

The Around the World is the Tailor made journey par excellence, tailored to the customer, and cannot be entrusted to chance, but must be planned and organized down to the smallest detail with no margin for error, even if minimal.

For this type of uplevel travel it is necessary to rely on expert consultants who make use of top class service providers and who model the trip on the customer’s size, from the simple seaside holiday to the complex exclusive tour so that everything goes smoothly and the traveler dedicates only to enjoy your holiday in maximum comfort and safety.

Entrust your luxury trip whether it is alone, with your family, as a couple and also for your honeymoon to those who know the world and will be able to let you enjoy the most hidden and exclusive aspects.

So in the era of financial crisis and travel limitation, the uplevel tourist does not stop traveling despite the difficult period, but moves towards new concepts and options in order to safeguard both his health and his finances, leaning towards services of high quality level that reassure and reassure him at the same time gives him strong, deep and unforgettable emotions that leave an indelible and positive mark on his heart and mind but also in the places visited and in the peoples he met.