November 2019 Printable Calendars

November is the third month of September and the eleventh and next to the last month of Gregorian and Julian calendars. It has a length of 30 days and it is the fourth and last of four months to have a length of 30 days, and the fifth and last of five months to have a length of less than 31 days. Also, November is the ninth month of the Ancient Roman calendar. November is multi month recently spring in the Southern Hemisphere and late pre-winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


Accordingly, November in the Southern Hemisphere is what might as well be called May in the Northern Hemisphere and the other way around. Moreover, November has the signs of the zodiac of Sagittarius and Scorpio and November’s birthstone is Citrine and Topaz which are both known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear them. In addition, November is the month for the Military Family, National Entrepreneurship, Epilepsy Awareness, Native American Heritage, National Adoption, National Family Caregivers, National Bone Marrow Donor Awareness and National Impaired Driving. Also, November is accepted as the month of love in some countries and they say ‘’The love is different in November’’.


See also June.