March 2019 Printable Calendars

March is the third month of the both Julian and Gregorian calendars and it is the first month of the spring season in Northern Hemisphere. It has a length of 31 days. In ancient Rome, the name of the March is Martius and it is the name Roman War God. Also, Romans think that March is the most convenient month for the starting the war because they see March as the lucky month. Furthermore, 21st day of the March is the equinox of the Northern Hemisphere. The length of the night and the day is equal in both hemispheres and it also means the precursor of the spring and warm weather.


Moreover, March has been an important month in history. 8th day of March is Women Day, 14th of March is Doctors’ Day, 15th of March is World’s Consumer Rights Day, Nowruz Feast which is important for Turkish and Kurd people, 21st of March is World Poem Day, 23rd of March is World Meteorological Day, 27th of March is World Theater Day and 24th of March is World Tuberculosis Day etc. In addition, it includes the horoscopes of Aries and Pisces. Its’ stone is aquamarine which is generally light blue.


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